Granny Multiplayer Roblox Game Chapter 1

Hello Roblox lovers, are you searching from how to clear out granny multiplayer roblox game chapter 1 ? so don’t worry here we are briefly explain how to clear out granny chapter one roblox game step by step.

Granny Multiplayer Roblox Game Chapter 1 main logo

How To Play Granny Multiplayer Roblox Game

First you have to enter granny multiplayer android roblox game and then tap on the chapter 1 and you can also invite your friend to join this server and you can play with your Five friends.

Step – 1
granny multiplayer roblox game Hammer

First you have to collect hammer. hammer is a important for finding hidden content in wall or floor through break.

Step – 2
granny multiplayer roblox game car keys

In the second step your main focus is start car with the help of essential keys and gasoline can so you have to collect all the keys for the start the car. You can collect your first key it’s called car key from the bath tub you have to find this place and collect this key and place it into the car.

step – 3
granny multiplayer roblox game weapon key

In 3rd step you have to collect weapon ki from the interior part of the car.

Step – 4
granny multiplayer roblox game crossbow

In this game most important weapon is used is crossbow. You can collect crossbow with the help of weapon key

Step 5
granny multiplayer roblox game safe key

After that you have to collect safe key. this key is also very important to escape e the Granny’s house

Step – 6

You have to collect car battery from the ground floor it is very important for to start the car.

Step – 7
granny multiplayer roblox game crossbow protection

You can use crossbow for the protection yourself in between there are granny is appear in front of you. you have to target it with the help of crossbow and then shoot granny and then Granny died itself so it is the most powerful weapon used in granny multiplayer chapter 1

Step 8

Then you have to collect pillars cutter to cut out the wire of the fan with the help of weapon key. so you must have to collect weapon key for the unlock or you can say for cut the wire.

You must have to carry given items to unlock the car and for escape this house.

granny multiplayer roblox game necessary
Step 9
granny multiplayer roblox game bird seeds

After that you have to collect bird seeds from the secret room and you can open the case with this bird seeds after that you have to collect play house key, this key is very important key for the unlock other items

Collect play house key to unlock play house.

granny multiplayer roblox game play house key

Step 10

granny multiplayer roblox game gasoline can

Collect gasoline can and put this can into the back of the car

Step – 11
granny multiplayer roblox game

You have to search for cogwheel orange. this tool help to unlock one secret path. this path redirect you to the one small house you can open this small house with playhouse key

Step – 12
granny multiplayer roblox game spark plug

Now there are you have to fix 3 items in playhouse. first you have to fix cogwheel orange and then you will get padlock key. Then fix park plug in the playhouse

Step – 13
granny multiplayer roblox game start car

This is the last and final step of this granny multiplayer roblox game. you have to come near the car, you can find this car in the ground floor. you can search out start button then just tap on it and you can escape this granny’s house

You must have to collect necessary items from the granny’s house and fix things on their respective site and then last you can start your car and you will be find out the path to escape this horrible house.

In this journey if you were killed by Granny then don’t worry you have three chance to escape this house if you fail in one chance you can try again in second chance and also in third chance. but you have to complete this game within 15 minutes otherwise you will be lost this game.

while playing this game you and your friends can arrange respective works to complete this game very quickly. Granny chapter 1 game download for android is also available.

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